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As a father of one of the competitive dancers at Cathy's Dance Studio, I wanted to share a few words of gratitude based on my observations over the last several years. Although I am not always in the know of the daily activities, hard work or even understand how the scoring system works, I do get to see the tam perform at competitions like this week at Blue Mountain, Ontario. It goes without saying that the performances are always truly works of art, a testament to the many awards won, but what is more amazing is the sense of caring and support that the entire crew bestows on each other off the stage. The many team building activities outside the studio is remarkable and builds on the sense of family resonates when you are around the team.

On a personal note, I am extremely grateful with the constant level of direct support and encouragement that my daughter receives from her dance teachers and Cathy herself. She takes those key dance lessons and applies them to balance everyday life by reaching for the stars while keeping her feet on the ground, taking the hits and learning to move forward. This is how winning is done, and her confidence has grown over the years as a result of these lessons from this studio.

Fil Grado

To Cathy and your team, I want to thank you for all that you've done for our little girl over the years, she has grown both competitively and personally into a confident grounded young lady that will carry her into the future. 


from the CDS family

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