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Recreational Dancers

Regular attendance is a must.

Proper dance attire is required. (Bodysuit, tights, dance pants and a top.) Large sloppy clothes prohibit the teacher from seeing the dancer properly, and they may also get in the way of the dancer preventing proper execution of movement. No large jewellery. Black tap shoes, black jazz shoes and pink ballet slippers are required for the appropriate classes.

All fees are due on the first lesson of the month, there will be a $10.00 late charge. There will also be a $45.00 charge for all NSF cheques.

Please make sure that your child is supervised at all times that they are not in a dance class. We are not responsible for your children after they have exited the studio at the conclusion of their dance class.

Absolutely NO GUM allowed in the studio. We are a NUT FREE studio due to severe allergies.

Competitive Dancers

During competitive class you must have hair pulled back and be wearing all black clothing.

You must always have the appropriate shoes for each class.

You MUST maintain your attendance in your competitive classes and recreational classes. Arrive at least ten minutes prior to class to stretch and warm-up. Time will not be given in class for warm-ups. We not only keep track of attendance but also who comes into class late. If you cannot attend a competitive class you need to contact the office immediately.

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