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Use Acrobat Reader to open files. If you do not have that program you can download it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. It is a free program.

To fill out a form on your computer and email it to Cathy's Dance Studio:

1. Fill out the form on the web page.

2. Click on the save icon on the top at the far right of the page. It should be next to the print icon. Give the file the last name of your child, choose your location to save as the desktop and click save. 

3. In your email program choose the appropriate icon to click on and start a new email.

4. In the 'To' line type:

5. In the 'Subject' line type what you are sending. eg. Form for Registration, Form for Camp etc.

6. In the message pane write what form you are sending, name of dancer and what the e-transfer is for (eg. dance fees, costume balance, camps etc)

7. You need to attach the file that you just saved to your computer. If on a windows based email, click on the paper clip icon at the top of the page that says 'ATTACH FILE'. In Windows 10, click on 'Insert' then choose the paper clip that says files.

8. When the new window pops up click on  'DESKTOP' (if that is where you saved the file to) on the top left, now in the window directly to the right, all the icons and folders that are on your desktop should show up. Look for the file that you just filled out and saved, click on it and then click 'OPEN' on the bottom right.

9. The file is now attached to your email, you just need to click send.

10. You will have to send the e-transfer separately from your online bank for the registration deposit, or whatever fees you owe. In the case of deposits for registration, the deposit will only be credited to September fees. Otherwise non-refundable or transferable

Info needed to send the etransfer:

Contact name: Cathy's Dance Studio


Security Question: what activity is this for?

Answer: Dance123

**Please send us an email with the following information** : Name of dancer(s)and what the payment is for (i.e. deposit)

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