The adult dancing program at Cathy's
Dance Studio in Windsor, Ontario is
for everyone, male or female, ages
18+. If you have never danced before
and always wanted to learn or just
 want to get back into it, there is a
 class for you at Cathy’s Dance
  Studio. There are a number of
   adult male and female students at
    all levels and various dance styles
     in our dance school. Do not worry
     about being the only one who is
      just learning or starting over. You
       will quickly learn new steps and
       combinations at the level that is     
        appropriate for you.

Our adult dancers find lifelong friends
                                               here that they share a common interest with. These classes are
                      first and foremost about the enjoyment of dance and having fun. A great side
benefit is the physical workout that you get from dance.

At the moment, the ages of our adult dancers range from 18 yrs – 70 yrs. Do not be intimidated
to try something new because you are never too old to learn to dance!

           “Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that an essential part of himself had
                    been neglected.”
   ~Source Unknown

               Testimonials from some of our adult dancers:
                     "I have loved to dance all my life but the years I’ve spent dancing with the adult group and with
                      Cathy as our teacher have been the most enjoyable and exciting. I’ve learned so much about
                      dance , self-confidence and commitment. I’ve also formed wonderful friendships with my fellow
                       dancers and Cathy that will last a lifetime. I love to dance; I give it my all and the rewards are too
                       many to list!"  
- Cheryl Oliver

"Dancing is my therapy - one class a week helps keep me sane!"
                                                                                                               - Kate Aversa

                        "It's impossible to think about the cares of the day when
                          dancing,only the dance. Dancing is a non - stop mood
                          elevator. I leave class tired, but happy with a enhanced
 sense of well being."         -  
Chris Pare
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